What is BopBid?

BopBid is a penny auction based website giving users the ability to apply skill and tactics to get the latest popular products for a fraction of the retail cost!

What does the lowest unique bid mean?

As described in our How To Play page, the lowest unique bid is the lowest submitted bid amount within an auction that only one sole user has placed. We encourage our users to read our Terms and Conditions as well as read our How To Play page before submitting any bids within an auction.

Can I exercise skill within the auctions?

Absolutely, as soon as you submit a bid within an auction you will be instantly told whether that bid is Unique, Not Unique, or currently the Lowest Unique Bid, this information will be updated with every page refresh as well for up to date feedback on your bids. This information can help you decide where your future bids are best placed in an attempt to find the Lowest Unique Bid.

When does an auction end?

We have two types of auctions, percentage based and timed, both of which end in different ways.

Our percentage auctions have a predetermined amount of bids required to end, this is displayed to you via the percentage circles on each auction, once an auction has reached or surpassed 100% the auction will end and the customer with the Lowest Unique Bid will be the auction winner.

Our timed auctions will end once the timer has completely counted down to the end time. Countdown clocks can be seen for each auction of this kind on their pages as well as on the bid confirmation screen.

How do I win an auction?

An auction winner is decided by the user who has the lowest unique bid once any auction has ended. Please read our terms and conditions for the full terms as well as our how to play page before bidding.

I have not received an account activation email?

We advise newly registered users to check their spam email folders if they haven’t received an activation email, if you are still having issues then please do not hesitate to contact us at

Where can I purchase credits and how do I pay?

Once logged in, you can purchase credits from the ‘Buy Credits’ option on the left hand menu. We offer a choice of four credit packages at varying amounts. Payment is made securely via PayPal, please note that you will be taken directly to their website to complete the secure process. PayPal accepts the following payment cards: Visa / Delta / Electron, MasterCard / Eurocard, Maestro, American Express.

How much does it cost to place a bid?

Each auction will clearly display a ‘Cost Per Bid’ value in credits, this outlines the amount of credits that will be deducted from your account when placing a single bid. Please keep in mind that if you use our range bid tool you will be charged for all of the bids starting at the ‘From’ value to the ‘To’ value inclusive.

How can I keep track of my credit spending?

When logged in, you can review your credit spendings and payments from the ‘My Transactions’ tab of the left hand menu.

Can I cancel a bid?

Unfortunately as soon as a bid has been submitted it cannot be revoked for any reason whatsoever.

What do auctions with yellow stars mean?

Auctions with yellow stars next to their title are restricted to users who have not previously won an auction. Should a user place bids within a restricted auction and then win another, they will be granted the right to play within that restricted auction only.

Where do the prizes come from?

All prizes are Brand New and ordered from well respected retailers such as Amazon and Apple. We cannot always guarantee the availability of items, should there be an issue, we will contact the auction winner to discuss alternative options.

I have won an auction, what now?

Congratulations! You now need to log in to your account and navigate to the ‘My Won Auctions’ tab on the left, you will then need to pay the winning amount, this will be deducted in the form of credits so if your lowest unique bid was £0.04 you will be charged 4 credits, after you have done so you will be able to confirm your prize choice from a given selection from which we will then order it for you!

I have won an auction but I don’t want the prize?

We almost always offer at least one prize alternative to auction winners, once you have won an auction and paid the winning amount in credits you will be presented with a list of prize options. Generally we will offer prize alternatives of 100% of the items RRP value as credits applied to your account, or 80% of the prize’s RRP value as a PayPal cash transfer (additional charges apply).

How long should prize delivery take?

Users opting to take a Credit or PayPal alternative instead of the prize item should expect to have their prizes processed within 48 hours. For those wishing to keep the prize itself, delivery times can vary and we ask that should you wish to know the particular details please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

How much will I pay for prize delivery?

Absolutely nothing, we cover the cost ourselves for the delivery of all prizes. We may not always be able to ship a prize to certain countries, in those cases we will offer the full RRP of the item as a PayPal cash transfer.

Is the site open worldwide?

Yes! While the currency displayed on the site is British Sterling, BopBid is open to customers around the world!

How can I close my account?

Please email us at and we will be happy to close your account for you.