Hello and welcome to BopBid, we host a range of auctions featuring the latest popular prizes, all of which can be won for a fraction of their retail price! We recommend reading our Terms and Conditions before reading this tutorial.
The winner of each auction will be the user with the Lowest Unique Bid when an auction ends. The lowest unique bid being the lowest submitted bid amount within an auction that only one sole person has placed. Let's take a look...

Lowest Unique Bid

For example, five users place a bid within one auction, Geoff places a bid for £0.01p, Sarah places a bid for £0.02p, Nigel places a bid for £0.01p, Rich places a bid for £0.04p, and Rachel places a bid of £0.03p
£0.01p is Not Unique as both Geoff and Nigel placed that amount.

£0.02p is the Lowest Unique Bid as it is the lowest amount that was submitted by one user (Sarah).
£0.03 is Unique as only one user has placed this amount (Rachel), but it is not the lowest unique amount.
£0.04 is Unique as only one user has placed this amount (Rich), but it is not the lowest unique amount.

Bids are submitted in pence amount, for example to place a bid of £1.13, you would enter 113 into the bid box as shown below.

Upon submitting a bid you will be immediately shown whether the bid is Unique, Not Unique, or the current Lowest Unique Bid, this allows a strategy to be exercised in finding the Lowest Unique Bid.

Each auction clearly states the cost in credits to place a single bid, you will also be shown a confirmation screen before your bids are placed. Bid packages can be purchased by registered users from the 'Buy Credits' menu once logged in.

The auction winner will then be required to pay their winning bid amount in credits after which they can select from their prize options, for example a winning bid of £1.26 will require a bid payment of 126 credits before a prize may be selected.

Auction End

BopBid offers two kinds of auctions, Percentage and Timed, both of which end in different ways.

Timed auctions will display a countdown clock (shown below) which counts down to the set auction end time, when this countdown ends, so does the auction.

Our percentage auctions, on the other hand, have a set number of bids which are required to be placed before they will end, whilst the number of bids required are never displayed, we instead show a percentage circle to let you keep track of an auctions progress (as shown below), when the circle reaches or surpasses 100%, the auction ends.
Auction winners will have the choice of taking either the advertised prize, the item's RRP value in credits, or a PayPal transfer of 80% of the item's RRP value (all options are not always offered, please note that PayPal alternatives may be less than advertised due to PayPal transfer charges.).

Yellow Star Auctions

You may have noticed that occasionally some of our auctions feature a yellow star next to their title.

These auctions are only playable by users who have never previously won an auction with us! We want to keep things fair and of course give everyone the chance of winning after all!

Please note that users who win another auction after having placed bids in a yellow star auctions will still be able to bid, it's only fair after spending credits already, although they will no longer be able to take part in any future yellow star auctions.

Other Questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible!
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