The following conditions contain 9 sections, the content of which is scrollable.


1.1BopBid – Refers to the company 'BopBid Ltd' and the website www.bopbid.com.
1.2Us or We - Refers to the company 'BopBid Ltd' and the website www.bopbid.com.
1.3User Agreement – Refers to the following listed Terms and Conditions.
1.4Website – Refers to the domain and sub-domains of www.bopbid.com.
1.5Customer(s) – Refers to registered users of www.bopbid.com, 18 years of age or older, who have agreed to the following User Agreement terms and are therefore bound by them.
1.6Payment – Refers to a transfer of monies from a Customer to BopBid.
1.7Credit(s) – Refers to a substitute for money which is used to place bids.
1.8Bid(s) – Refers to a submitted pence amount within an auction, this amount may be up to 5 digits in length.
1.9Unique Bid – A bid that that is not identical to any other bids within the scope of a single auction.
1.10Non-Unique Bid – A bid amount that is identical to at least one other bid amount within the scope of a single auction.
1.11Credit Balance – Refers to the current amount of credits within a Customer’s account.
1.12Bidding Fee – A non-refundable fee charged for each single bid placed.
1.13Bidder(s) – Refers to a Customer who has registered with the Website and submitted a Bid or selection of Bids for a specific auction.
1.14Winning Bid – Refers to the lowest Unique Bid when an auction has finished.
1.15Winner – Refers to the Customer with the lowest Unique Bid when an auction has finished.
1.16Reserve Bid Amount – Refers to the required number of submitted Bids required before a percentage auction ends.
1.17Lowest Unique Bid – Refers to the lowest single bid amount submitted within the scope of a single BopBid auction.
1.18Item or Prize – Refers to the product or service that is available to the Customer should they have the Lowest Unique Bid when an auction has ended.
1.19Credits Required Per Bid – This is the Credit value that will be subtracted from the Customer’s Credit Balance when a single penny value Bid is submitted.
1.20My Profile – Refers to the Customers personal account profile.
1.21RRP – The manufacturers (Recommended Retail Price) for a specific Item or Prize at the time an aunction is launched.
1.22Auction ID – This is a unique indentifier number for each auction listed, it may also be referenced as 'ID' on auction listing pages.


2.1BopBid is a limited company based in the United Kingdom (Company Number: 9952579). Registered Address: Offices A13-A14 Champions Business Park, Arrowe Brook Road, Upton, Wirral, Merseyside, United Kingdom, CH49 0AB.
2.2www.bopbid.com is owned and run solely by BopBid.
2.3The following terms and conditions (“User Agreement”) apply to the domain and sub-domains of www.bopbid.com as well as any other BopBid branded websites and services.
2.4The User Agreement conditions apply to the business relationship between:
a) BopBid.
2.5BopBid reserves the right to modify this User Agreement at its own discretion, all amendments will be published immediately to the website, and all customers will be notified.
2.6BopBid auctions are a prize competition and are not a lottery. Customers have the open opportunity to exercise skill and judgment in producing a bidding strategy to find the Lowest Unique Bid, this is made possible by BopBid offering:
a)Immediate information on whether submitted Bids are Unique, Not Unique, or whether a submitted Bid is currently the Lowest Unique Bid.
b)The Prize’s RRP.
c)The Credits required for placing a single Bid.
d)A percentage meter displaying an auctions progress to completion (timed auctions only).
2.7Some BopBid auctions are not time based, instead a percentage auction's end is reached when the reserve bid amount is reached or surpassed, therefore percentage auctions have the potential to run for a longer period of time.
2.8All times displayed on the site, such as auction completion times, are in the time format of the United Kingdom.
2.9Bids are to be submitted in pence amount and may not contain any decimal points, for example a customer wishing to place a bid of £2.45 would enter 245 into the placement box.
2.10Customers opting to choose a PayPal alternative for a prize option may receive a slightly lower amount than stated due to PayPal transfer charges.
2.11By registering on the website, the customer is confirming that they are legally able to partake in auctions of this kind.
2.12Timed auctions clearly show a countdown clock in place of a percentage meter, when this countdown ends so will that auction.


3.1User accounts created during registration are non-transferable and may only be used by one sole Customer.
3.2BopBid Customers are strictly limited to one account per person.
3.3BopBid Customers are strictly limited to one account per household.
3.4The Customer must make every attempt to keep their username and password secure and personal.
3.5The Customer is solely responsible for their profile and any activity from it; any Customer with suspicion of unauthorized use of their account should contact BopBid as soon as possible.
3.6BopBid is not liable for any loss caused by any unauthorized use of a Customers account.
3.7BopBid reserves the right to temporarily or permanently disable a Customers account without needing to give reason, should this happen the Customers outstanding Bid Balance will be refunded within seven working days, with the exception of when fraudulent play is suspected.
3.8BopBid reserves the right to refuse a registration without the need to give reason to the Customer.
3.9The Customer will not deliberately provide false details during the registration process.
3.10The Customer will do their best to ensure their details are kept up to date.
3.11The Customer will receive 200 free credits after their first bid purchase.


4.1BopBid reserves the right to cancel any bid without making a refund where:
a)Fraudulent play is suspected.
b)Customers work together or share their bid information.
c)False information is provided by the Customer.
d)BopBid deems appropriate.
4.2BopBid reserves the right to cancel any auction, should this occur all Bids placed by a Customer will be returned to that Customers account as Credits unless the Customer is suspected of fraudulent play.
4.3Bidding Fee’s are non-refundable unless that auction is cancelled. Once a bid is placed it can neither be withdrawn or modified.
4.4Some auctions may feature a maximum number amount of Bids that a single Customer may place, this will be displayed clearly on the auction's page.
4.5Any amounts lost by the Customer while using BopBid are not returnable under any circumstance.
4.6BopBid employees, shareholders, or family members of such persons may not, register, submit bids, or participate in any BopBid auction or service.
4.7BopBid reserves the right to close an auction early without needing to give reason, should this occur all Bid Fees in relation to that auction will be refunded to the relevant Customers, with the exception of when fraudulent play is suspected.
4.8Some auctions are restricted to customers who have not previously won an auction.
a)These auctions are depicted by a yellow star to the left of the auction title.
b)Should a customer win another auction after having placed bids within a restricted auction, they will be granted the right to continue to bid within that auction.
4.9Customers agree to approach and bid within auctions by themselves, collusion is not permitted.


5.1The auction winner will be the Customer with the Lowest Unique Bid when the auction ends.
5.2In the event that there is no Unique Bid when an auction ends, the auction winner will be the Customer with the most recent Lowest Unique Bid before the auction ended.
5.3The winning Customer of each BopBid auction will be required to pay the amount of the winning bid in credits before any prize can be given. By doing so, the Customer is deemed to have accepted an offer to conclude a contract to purchase the item that was the subject of an auction or an alternative prize (if offered on the auction page).
5.4The Customer has 30 days in which to pay the Lowest Unique Bid Amount or else their right to claim the prize will be made void.
5.5The Prize order will be placed within 7 days of the Lowest Unique Bid Amount being paid. No delivery times can be promised.
5.6There may be a delay in announcing an auction Winner on the Website.
5.7BopBid has the right to give the final say on who is the Winner of each auction.
5.8Should an error or fault occur during a BopBid auction or service, BopBid has the right to fully suspend it. Should this occur, all Credits spent in the relevant auction will be deemed void and will be returned to the relevant Customers, no Prize will be dispatched.


6.1The Winner of each auction may be presented with up to three Prize options from which they will choose one to receive. The number of Prize options offered, as well as what they are, may change between auction. The three options offered may be to keep the prize offered, a PayPal cash alternative, or to take the RRP value back as credits to bid with.
6.2BopBid has the right to change the Prize option for one of similar value should that Prize become unavailable from the selected merchant.
6.3Should a PayPal cash alternative be offered for a Prize, it will be offered at a value of 80% of the Prize’s RRP.
6.4Should a Credit alternative be offered for a Prize, it will be offered at a value of 100% of the Prize’s RRP, with a 1 Credit being the equivalent of 1 UK Sterling pence.
6.5Prizes will be delivered to Customers directly from the product suppliers.
6.6BopBid does not accept responsibility for the quality of the Prizes received.
6.7Unless specified, BopBid will cover all delivery charges for the prizes won.
6.8The winning Customer’s prize will be shipped to the address that most recently stands on their personal profile page.
6.9BopBid cannot guarantee the option for Customers to return their prize after an order has been placed. Customers wishing to do so may need to contact the supplier.
6.10Electrical Prizes are exempt from being returned altogether if they have been opened and / or original seals are broken, unless offered by the supplier.
6.11Every auction Prize offered is brand new and will be supplied with any relevant manufacturer warranty that is offered.
6.12All auction Prizes are ordered strictly from well-known and reputable merchants.
6.13Cash, Voucher or Bid Balance auctions are not always supplied with any form of warranty or guarantee.
6.14Cash alternatives offered to Customers may alter slightly depending on PayPal transfer charges which are not within the control of BopBid.
6.15Should BopBid not be able to ship a prize to a Customer, a cash alternative will be offered at 100% of the prize's RRP.


7.1Credits must be purchased and paid for in advance of participating in an auction.
7.2We accept all payments directly through PayPal, this means we can securely accept payments from PayPal account balances as well as all major credit and debit cards through the agent as well.
7.3By submitting a Payment, you warrant that you are the owner of the Payment source and are authorized to make the transaction for the purpose of participating in BopBid auctions.
7.4The Lowest Unique Bid Payment made of the winning Customer will be made from the Customer's credit balance.


8.1Credit Balance amounts cannot be withdrawn and could be made void following a period of 6 months of inactivity.
8.2Customer agrees to only deposit what they intend to spend on BopBid’s auctions and services.
8.3BopBid has the right to block access to a Customers account and / or amend their Bid Balance should they suspect a breach of this user agreement.
8.4Any mistaken credit to a Customer’s Bid Balance remains the property of BopBid. Any funds mistakenly applied can be removed from the Customers account from which they will be notified.
8.5BopBid will offer no refund in exchange for mistakenly purchased Credits. Credits have no cash value.
8.6Customers purchasing Credits enables them to participate within BopBid auctions and services.
8.7Customers agree to use a single PayPal account for all related payments when using BopBid.
8.8Customers accept that all communication made between them and BopBid will be done so electronically. Should it be required to discuss legal matters with a Customer, this will be communicated in writing. This does not affect your statutory rights.
8.9BopBid will never ask a customer for their password with the exception of when the customer logs in to our website.


9.1All information processed is done so in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be viewed in full from the link at the bottom of our website.
9.2All personal details submitted to, and stored by, BopBid will be treated as confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the Data Protection Act.
9.3Once a BopBid auction or service has ended, BopBid has the right to use the winning Customers name, product, location and Lowest Unique Bid amount for publicity and marketing purposes.